General Information

SCAN does not have meetings. SCAN does not have a newsletter.
SCAN does expect its members to be active in the group, and to engage in observational astronomy, as well as astronomy outreach. There is no room in this group for people who just want to say that they are a member, without doing the work involved in a successful organization.
SCAN members have a Yahoo Group for communications involving SCAN. You must be a SCAN member to join our Yahoo Group.



Please contact us for information about an application to become a member of SCAN. You may EMail us at:



Membership dues for SCAN are around $6.00 a year. The dues are low because you do not pay to hold picnics and socials for non-active members.


Membership Benefits

Be a part of an Astronomy group that appreciates your contributions.

Observe with other members at observing sessions held on weekend nights, or any other night. We observe even when the moon is up.
SCAN members become members of the Astronomical League. SCAN will help you participate in AL observing programs.
Attend annual events of the Virginia Association of Astronomical Societies (VAAS).
Participate in national Astronomical League events, such as National Astronomy Day.
SCAN does astrophotography. We have professional photographers who will actually help you to become involved in astrophotography.
SCAN members can receive Astronomy and Sky&Telescope magazine subscription discounts.
SCAN has a Yahoo Group for communications. SCAN does not pass around members private information to all other members of the group. SCAN respects the rights of privacy of their membership.
SCAN members may get together for astronomy related trips in the area.
All SCAN members are active in observational astronomy, astronomy outreach, or the logistics in creating and maintaining the group.

Unlike many other astronomy clubs,...

SCAN does not have members who think they are elite, and better than others. Such attitudes are not tolerated.
SCAN does not have members who prey on the hard work of other members.
SCAN does not have members that sit around, waiting for other members to provide for their entertainment. All SCAN member work with the club.